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Lead Tracking From Start to Finish: Determining Your Self-Storage Marketing ROI

Learn how to track leads and ensure self-storage marketing dollars are spent wisely. Topics include verifying which campaigns provide the best return on investment and which platforms deliver the best yield.

Creating Actionable Self-Storage Marketing with Google Analytics Data

Learn how to turn Google data into actionable insights for your self-storage business. Topics include the Web-user experience and how analytics can be used to boost traffic, engagement and visibility.

Marketing to Millennials: Understanding a New Generation of Self-Storage Buyers

Get a better understanding of Millennials and their power as a consumer group. This session examines key characteristics of this buying group to help self-storage operators market more effectively.

Grassroots Gumption: Planning Self-Storage Campaigns, Events and Other Community-Based Marketing

Learn how to step up your self-storage grassroots marketing game by effectively leveraging marketing dollars and planning winning campaigns. Topics include targeted strategies and community-based efforts.

Micro-Moments: Selling Self-Storage in the New Battleground for Brands

Learn about the role “micro moments” play between brands and consumers, the types of moments that occur, and how to deliver an experience that will convert prospects into self-storage tenants.

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