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Self-Storage Metropolitan Statistical Area Report - First Quarter 2015

The Metropolitan Statistical Area Report contains information regarding income, expenses, occupancy, supply, rental rates and concessions within a specific MSA.
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Self-Storage Market Conditions Report 2014

The Self-Storage Market Conditions Report examines the supply and demand conditions in the top 50 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to determine whether they are under supplied, at equilibrium or over supplied.

Self-Storage Expense Report 2014

The Self-Storage Expense Report provides a sample of real costs per square foot for fixed and variable operating expenses and presents the data nationally, by region and subdivision.

DVD - To Build or Not to Build: Decision-Making Factors for Self-Storage

If you’re on the fence about building a self-storage facility, this session provides decision-making insight to location, types of development, construction costs and business goals.

DVD - What You Need to Know About Self-Storage Feasibility and Due Diligence

A thorough feasibility study can help determine if a self-storage project can make money. Learn about key market factors, costly mistakes to avoid and resources to help you make sound business decisions.

DVD - Self-Storage Buying Behavior: What Your Customers Really Want

This session will help you understand how self-storage customers make their buying decisions. Gain the tools to reach customers, improve sales, exceed expectations and structure effective marketing programs.

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