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Products tagged with 'Legal/Insurance'

DVD - Employment Laws and How They Apply to Self-Storage

This session will increase your familiarity with today’s employment laws, including legal restrictions that affect you as a self-storage operator and common human-resources errors to avoid.

DVD - Generating Revenue From Self-Storage Tenant Insurance and Protection Plans

Learn how a self-storage tenant-insurance or tenant-protection program can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Get tips on choosing a program, training staff, and marketing and selling to customers.

DVD - Hurdles to the Courthouse: Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Chances of Being Sued

Learn about the most common lawsuits filed against self-storage operations, actions that expose you to legal claims, and steps you can take to avoid to keep your business out of legal entanglements.

DVD - I Can Get in Trouble for That? Common Legal Pitfalls for Self-Storage Operators

This session covers self-storage operational mistakes that can lead to litigation, from simple errors, such as rental agreements missing important or required terms, to more complicated issues.

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