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Products tagged with 'Staffing'

DVD - Effective Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring in Today’s Self-Storage Market

Effectively hiring quality employees can be an expensive and time-consuming process. These grassroots methods and strategies are designed to attract engaged, competent and productive job candidates.

DVD - Employment Laws and How They Apply to Self-Storage

This session will increase your familiarity with today’s employment laws, including legal restrictions that affect you as a self-storage operator and common human-resources errors to avoid.

DVD - Establishing Self-Storage Policies, Procedures and Best Practices

Learn how to create policies, procedures and best practices that make sense for your facility. Discover how laws affect your policies as well as how to build an operations manual and ensure compliance.

DVD - Evaluation Self-Check for Self-Storage Managers: Perfecting Your Performance

Get valuable suggestions to help self-storage managers evaluate and improve their own job performance. You’ll also get a checklist for professional development and learn ways to make yourself indispensable.

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