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Products tagged with 'Staffing'

DVD - Hiring and Training Your First Self-Storage Managers

Learn how to recruit, evaluate, hire and train your new self-storage managers to ensure they operate the asset to maximum profitability. Get insight on interviewing, background checks, references and more.

DVD - Keeping Your Cool in Heated Situations: Communicating With Customers and Co-Workers

Knowing how to communicate well during difficult situations can improve work life and customer engagement. Learn how to provide feedback, defuse heated exchanges, prepare for uncomfortable talks and more.

DVD - Lessons We've Learned in 50 Years of Self-Storage

Two well-versed industry veterans draw on 50 years of self-storage experience to share their successes and failures. The conversation explores all aspects of facility ownership and operation.

DVD - Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Compensation and Other Motivators for Self-Storage Managers

Examine several aspects related to self-storage compensation and facility staffing, including salary and hourly wages, relief-staff considerations, resident vs. offsite managers, and more.

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