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Products tagged with 'Sales/Customer Service'

DVD - Don’t Lien on Me: Avoiding Self-Storage Auctions, What to Do When You Can’t

Learn operational tips and collection techniques to avoid self-storage lien sales as well as the best way to implement procedures if a delinquent account must go to auction.

DVD - Generating Revenue From Self-Storage Tenant Insurance and Protection Plans

Learn how a self-storage tenant-insurance or tenant-protection program can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Get tips on choosing a program, training staff, and marketing and selling to customers.

DVD - Great Customer Service in Self-Storage: How to Quit Discounting and Greatly Improve Profit

Get the latest and greatest customer-service techniques and tips a self-storage operation of any size or age needs to close unit rentals at full price.

DVD - Handling Customer Reviews and Complaints in a Facebook World

In this age of social media and online reviews, it’s critical to craft a social customer-service strategy. Learn how to better serve self-storage customers online, respond to upset customers online and more.

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