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Picture of Self-Storage Custom Cap-Rates Report

Self-Storage Custom Cap-Rates Report

Prepared on demand, this custom report provides a high-level view of self-storage capitalization-rate expectations for a specific U.S. address. It includes trend data as well as comparable property information.
* Please enter the physical property address (U.S. ONLY):    
* Please enter the year this facility was built:    
* Please enter the rentable square feet for this facility:    
* Please enter the total number of units at this facility:    
* Approx. % of units that are climate-controlled:    

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Length: Varies (Approximately 18-20 pages)
PDF Format

Self-Storage Custom Cap-Rates Report
For self-storage owners and investors trying to estimate the value of their property, a realistic understanding of an appropriate capitalization (cap) rate is crucial. The Self-Storage Custom Cap-Rates Report, prepared on demand by Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services LLC, addresses applicable cap rates for specific properties and regions using the Colliers Rating System. Based on a specific U.S. address supplied by the customer, the report analyzes comparable self-storage assets within the region as well as applicable cap rates by using eight performance and property metrics to rate a facility as class A, B or C. 

Each report provides a high-level view of cap-rate expectations based on Colliers’ completion of hundreds of appraisals per year and its conversations with a wide variety of market participants across the nation. It includes:

  • An appropriate cap-rate range for the subject property
  • Sections on national and local cap-rate trends
  • Six hand-selected comparable properties based on the property information you provide at the time of purchase
  • Photos and notes on comps to provide additional insight to market forces that impact sales price

Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services is a division of Colliers International Group Inc., a global commercial real estate services firm employing more than 16,000 professionals across 554 offices in 66 countries. The company offers a variety of services for investors, business owners and developers. These include consulting, market research, real estate intermediation for sale and rent, mortgage lending assistance, project management, property management, and valuation.

IMPORTANT:The Self-Storage Custom Cap-Rates Report is generated on demand based on a physical address provided by the customer. The property address submitted for the report may be different from the billing or mailing address on your ISS Store account. In the boxes at the top of the page, please provide the complete, accurate physical address and other requested attributes on which the report should be based. Please allow up to three business days for delivery of the report to your e-mail inbox.