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Picture of Money Out: Controlling Self-Storage Expenses

Money Out: Controlling Self-Storage Expenses

This session focuses on the expenses that have a direct bearing on a self-storage facility’s net operating income. It provides tactics for keeping costs in check and negoatiating with service contractors.

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Speaker: Matthew Van Horn, President, 3 Mile Domination
Format: Streaming Video
Duration: 49 minutes

Money Out: Controlling Self-Storage Expenses
Every self-storage business has outgoing cash flow. This session will focus on the expenses that have a direct bearing on a facility’s net operating income and strategies for mitigating them. Certain line items will be out of your control, but many ongoing costs can be controlled and even minimized with a little diligence. Our presenter will share tactics for keeping expenditures in check. You’ll learn:

  • Common expenses shared by most self-storage facilities
  • The outlays you can hope to control—and those you can’t
  • General money-saving tips
  • Strategies for reducing expenses
  • How to negotiate with service contractors

This product is also available in DVD format, both as a single and as part of the following discount packages:

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