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Picture of DVD - Self-Storage Operator Essentials 2016: Education 27-Pack

DVD - Self-Storage Operator Essentials 2016: Education 27-Pack

Get 27 education sessions that address important aspects of self-storage facility operation. This discount bundle offers insight to sales, service, marketing, technology, revenue management, staffing and more.

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Format: 15 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 22 hours, 30 minutes

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Self-Storage Operator Essentials 2016: Education 27-Pack
Now you can get all sessions from the Manager 101, Owner 101, Revenue Management, Advanced Manager, Advanced Marketing and Technology education tracks at the 2016 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient package. This discounted, 15-DVD package offers significant savings off the individual DVD prices and features self-storage experts discussing important topics related to self-storage facility operation, including sales, service, marketing, revenue management, technology, staffing and more. The bundle includes:

Self-Storage Management 101 2016: Education 5-Pack

  • The Facts of Self-Storage Life: Things You Need to Know About Being a Facility Manager
  • Becoming a Master of Your New Domain: Managing Your Self-Storage Time and Tasks
  • Sales and Service Fundamentals for Self-Storage Facility Managers
  • Legal 101: A Primer for New Self-Storage Managers
  • Marketing 101 for Facility Managers: How to Create a Competitive Advantage

Self-Storage Ownership 101 2016: Education 5-Pack

  • Tracking the Money: From Self-Storage Startup to Stabilization
  • Establishing Self-Storage Policies, Procedures and Best Practices
  • Hiring and Training Your First Self-Storage Managers
  • Covering Your Assets: The Essentials of Self-Storage Insurance
  • Working With a Third-Party Management Company: An Owner’s Perspective

Self-Storage Revenue Management 2016: Education 5-Pack

  • Money In: Managing Self-Storage Rental Rates
  • Money In: Recovering Self-Storage Debt
  • Money In: Self-Storage Add-On Profit Centers
  • Money Out: Controlling Self-Storage Expenses
  • Auditing Your Self-Storage Operation: Standards, Tools and More

Self-Storage Advanced Management 2016: Education 4-Pack

  • Conquering Self-Storage Job Burnout
  • Advanced Legal Knowledge: 4 Critical Areas for Self-Storage Management
  • Understanding the Money: Facility Finances for Self-Storage Managers
  • Evaluation Self-Check for Self-Storage Managers: Perfecting Your Performance

Self-Storage Marketing 2016: Education 4-Pack

  • Micro-Moments: Selling Self-Storage in the New Battleground for Brands
  • Maximizing Online Conversions With a Location Landing-Page Strategy
  • The Genetic Code of Google’s SEO Ranking Factors: 2016 and Beyond
  • Using Analytics to Unlock the Potential of Your Self-Storage Website

Self-Storage Technology 2016: Education 4-Pack

  • Tech Essentials: Must-Have Tools for Today’s Self-Storage Operator
  • More Advanced Technology Tools to Boost Self-Storage Sales, Service and Efficiency
  • How to Maximize Your Self-Storage Technology Investment
  • Going Mobile: The Rise of Apps in Self-Storage Operation

For more detailed descriptions, please refer to each individual package product page by clicking on the linked title.

Individual sessions are also available as on-demand video.