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Picture of DVD - Self-Storage Recruitment and Hiring: Finding Your Best Manager

DVD - Self-Storage Recruitment and Hiring: Finding Your Best Manager

Learn a fresh approach to hiring the right self-storage manager the first time, including where to find quality candidates, how to evaluate applicants, how to cultivate solid interview questions, and more.

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Speaker: Joseph Niemczyk, President, Executive Self Storage Associates Inc.
Format: DVD (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: 47 minutes

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Self-Storage Recruitment and Hiring: Finding Your Best Manager
The self-storage manager is the linchpin to a facility’s success. Finding and hiring the right person to oversee your operation takes time, planning and dedication. Forget the “old school” way of recruiting staff. Our speaker will offer a fresh approach to ensure you hire the right manager the first time, avoiding unnecessary expenditures of time, money and other resources. You’ll learn:

  • Old-school versus new-school recruiting tactics
  • Where to find quality candidates
  • How to determine the caliber of a prospective employee
  • How to evaluate the cost of hiring versus the benefits
  • How to cultivate solid interview questions

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