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Picture of DVD - Owner Essentials 2015: Education 12-Pack

DVD - Owner Essentials 2015: Education 12-Pack

Get 12 education sessions that address essential aspects of self-storage ownership. This discount bundle offers insight to building a successful operation, staffing, risk management and more.

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Format: 7 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 9 hours

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Owner Essentials 2015: Education 12-Pack
Now you can get all 12 sessions in the Ownership, Risk Management and Staffing education tracks from the 2015 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient package. This discounted, 7-DVD package offers significant savings off the individual DVD prices and features self-storage experts discussing important topics related to ownership, including building a successful operation, staffing, risk management and more. The bundle includes:

Self-Storage Ownership 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • Buying and Operating Your First Self-Storage Property: Year-One Success - Stress and confusion can accompany your first self-storage acquisition and learning operational best practices. This session eases the burden of new ownership by offering key steps to first-year success.
  • Coping With the Stress of Being a Small Operator in a Big Self-Storage Market - While large self-storage companies possess certain operating advantages, independent owners can carve out healthy market share by implementing smart strategies related to marketing and money management.
  • Creating Your Self-Storage Security Program: Tools and Practices - Learn about best practices and cost-effective technologies that can add sophistication to your self-storage security program.
  • Studying Your Self-Storage Competitors and Leveraging the Data – Learn how to gather and leverage data about competitors to market your points of differentiation.
  • Tactics to Reduce Your Self-Storage Property Taxes - Find out why self-storage facilities should be taxed differently than other types of commercial real estate and learn how you can lower your taxes through an appeals process.
  • The 5 Mistakes We Made in Self-Storage (And How We Fixed Them) - Learn about common operational mistakes and how to correct them, including who to trust to run a facility, common marketing errors, how to underwrite property income and expenses, and more.

Self-Storage Staffing 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • An Open Discussion on Self-Storage Manager Compensation - Examine key considerations including the difference between rental commissions and salary, designating ancillary commissions, rewards, benefits and more.
  • Employment Laws and How They Apply to Self-Storage - Increase your familiarity with today’s employment laws, including legal restrictions that affect you as a self-storage operator and common human-resources errors to avoid.
  • Self-Storage Recruitment and Hiring: Finding Your Best Manager - Learn a fresh approach to hiring the right self-storage manager the first time, including where to find quality candidates, how to evaluate applicants, how to cultivate solid interview questions, and more.

Self-Storage Risk Management 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • Cyber-Liability Exposures for Self-Storage Operators: Understanding Your Online Risks - Technologies used by self-storage operators are subject to privacy and data breaches that could be costly to business. Learn about the potential for exposures and how you can manage and mitigate risks.
  • Risk-Management Best Practices for Self-Storage - Learn the right way to protect self-storage property and revenue with this overview of insurance policies, industry-specific endorsements, the underwriting process, limits, deductible options and more.
  • Understanding and Fine-Tuning Your Self-Storage Rental Agreement - Learn how the key terms and conditions in a self-storage rental agreement impact your legal relationship with customers.

For more detailed descriptions and previews of DVD content, please refer to each DVD’s individual product page.

Individual sessions are also available as on-demand video.