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Picture of DVD - Manager Essentials 2015: Education 18-Pack

DVD - Manager Essentials 2015: Education 18-Pack

Get 18 education sessions that address essential aspects of self-storage management. This discount bundle offers insight to important manager concerns, marketing, sales and add-on profit centers.

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Format: 10 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 13 hours

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Manager Essentials 2015: Education 18-Pack
Now you can get all 18 sessions in the Management, Marketing, Sales and Add-On Profit Centers education tracks from the 2015 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient package. This discounted, 10-DVD package offers significant savings off the individual DVD prices and features self-storage experts discussing important topics related to managing a self-storage facility. The bundle includes:

Self-Storage Management 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Customer-Conversion Rate in Self-Storage - This session outlines strategies to help convert more prospective customers into tenants. Learn how to generate more phone leads, pre-sell customers and more.
  • Goal-Setting and Career Development for Self-Storage Managers - This session helps self-storage managers elevate their career trajectory by teaching them how to set professional goals, obtain qualifications, communicate effectively and write a killer resume.
  • Keeping Your Cool in Heated Situations: Communicating With Customers and Co-Workers - Learn how to provide feedback, defuse heated exchanges, prepare for uncomfortable talks and more.
  • Self-Storage Buying Behavior: What Your Customers Really Want - Learn how customers make their buying decisions and gain the tools to improve sales, exceed expectations and structure effective marketing programs.
  • Serving Self-Storage Customers: Do’s, Don’ts and the Path to Success - Learn about the impact phone skills, social media and curb appeal have on a customer’s experience and how to handle service issues.
  • What to Do When It All Goes Wrong: Disaster Planning and Crisis Management for Self-Storage Operations - Learn what crises can impact a self-storage business, what first-response actions should be made, and how to minimize injury to tenants, staff and property.

Self-Storage Marketing 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • 5 Must-Have Features for Your Self-Storage Website - Learn how to write calls to action, the pros and cons of posting rental rates, where to advertise your mobile website, leverage your website as a reputation-management platform and convert more leads.
  • Essential Marketing for the Self-Storage Manager - Get insight on the difference between marketing and sales, community outreach, social media, website and mobile platforms, and more.
  • Managing Your Storage Facility’s Online Listings and Reviews - Learn how self-storage business listings are populated online and ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. This session also teaches how to claim and verify listings, enhance them, monitor reviews and more.
  • Online-Marketing Strategies for State-of-the-Art Storage Operations - Get the scoop on the hot marketing topics you’ve been hearing about: on- and off-page search engine optimization, paid search, organic search, and more.
  • Outreach Marketing for Self-Storage: Why You Need It and How to Use It - Learn how outreach marketing can be a cost-effective strategy that helps self-storage operators increase traffic, control expenses and increase revenue.
  • Web-Marketing Straight Talk: Who’s the Real Boogeyman? - Get practical tips on improving your Web presence. Learn SEO and pay-per-click strategy, how to reach new customers online, strategies to compete with larger operators, and more.

Self-Storage Sales 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • 10 Powerful Selling Techniques to Maximize Self-Storage Profitability - Learn skills to maximize your self-storage sales presentation, including techniques designed to increase a facility’s lead generation, customer visits, rental activity and economic occupancy.
  • The Anatomy of a Good Self-Storage Phone-Sales Call and Script - This session will help self-storage managers perfect their phone-sales script and presentation. Learn the five parts of a sales call, how to increase your “kill rate,” closing techniques and more.
  • World-Class Tactics That Drive Self-Storage Sales - Learn the most effective ways to get a self-storage prospect’s attention and close the deal, including tips on scripts, different customer types, maximizing inbound leads, sales reporting and more.

Self-Storage Add-On Profit Centers 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • Generating Revenue From Self-Storage Tenant Insurance and Protection Plans - Learn how a self-storage tenant-insurance or tenant-protection program can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Get tips on choosing a program, training staff, and marketing and selling to customers.
  • Is Now the Time to Invest in Boat and RV Storage? - Get an overview of boat/RV storage to determine if it’s right for your business, including current trends, considerations for site selection and construction, potential tax incentives, finance tips, and more.
  • Self-Storage Retail Results: Merchandising, Sales and More - Learn how to get the most from selling moving and packing supplies with a better understanding of retail merchandising, using a plan-o-gram, and implementing strategic pricing and improved sales techniques.

For more detailed descriptions and previews of DVD content, please refer to each DVD’s individual product page.

Individual sessions are also available as on-demand video.