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Picture of DVD - Total Self-Storage Solutions 2015: Education 45-Pack

DVD - Total Self-Storage Solutions 2015: Education 45-Pack

Get 45 education sessions addressing the full spectrum of self-storage: development, construction, investment, ownership, management, marketing and more. The package saves nearly 40 percent!

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Format: 25 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 34 hours

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Total Self-Storage Solutions 2015: Education 45-Pack
Now you can get all 45 sessions in the Ownership, Management, Development & Construction, Investment & Finance, Marketing, Risk Management, Staffing, Sales, International and Add-On Profit Centers education tracks from the 2015 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient package. The DVD bundle saves nearly 40 percent off the individual DVD prices. The bundle includes:

Self-Storage Ownership 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • Buying and Operating Your First Self-Storage Property: Year-One Success
  • Coping With the Stress of Being a Small Operator in a Big Self-Storage Market
  • Creating Your Self-Storage Security Program: Tools and Practices
  • Studying Your Self-Storage Competitors and Leveraging the Data
  • Tactics to Reduce Your Self-Storage Property Taxes
  • The 5 Mistakes We Made in Self-Storage (And How We Fixed Them)

Self-Storage Management 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Customer-Conversion Rate in Self-Storage
  • Goal-Setting and Career Development for Self-Storage Managers
  • Keeping Your Cool in Heated Situations: Communicating With Customers and Co-Workers
  • Self-Storage Buying Behavior: What Your Customers Really Want
  • Serving Self-Storage Customers: Do’s, Don’ts and the Path to Success
  • What to Do When It All Goes Wrong: Disaster Planning and Crisis Management for Self-Storage Operations

Self-Storage Development & Construction 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • Building-Code Updates and How They Affect Your Self-Storage Project
  • Cutting-Edge Design for Contemporary Self-Storage Facilities
  • Self-Storage Development and Construction: Avoid These Mistakes
  • The Self-Storage Conversion Process: Success Through Existing Buildings
  • To Build or Not to Build: Decision-Making Factors for Self-Storage
  • Where There’s a Will ... Overcoming Self-Storage Development Obstacles

Self-Storage Investment & Finance 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • A Proactive Approach to Self-Storage Financing
  • An Overview of the Self-Storage Investment Market
  • Buying and Selling Self-Storage
  • Creative Investment Strategies for Self-Storage
  • Self-Storage and the Capital Markets: A Panel Discussion
  • What You Need to Know About Self-Storage Feasibility and Due Diligence

Self-Storage Marketing 2015: Education 6-Pack

  • 5 Must-Have Features for Your Self-Storage Website
  • Essential Marketing for the Self-Storage Manager
  • Managing Your Storage Facility’s Online Listings and Reviews
  • Online-Marketing Strategies for State-of-the-Art Storage Operations
  • Outreach Marketing for Self-Storage: Why You Need It and How to Use It
  • Web-Marketing Straight Talk: Who's the Real Boogeyman?

Self-Storage Risk Management 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • Cyber-Liability Exposures for Self-Storage Operators: Understanding Your Online Risks
  • Risk-Management Best Practices for Self-Storage
  • Understanding and Fine-Tuning Your Self-Storage Rental Agreement

Self-Storage Staffing 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • An Open Discussion on Self-Storage Manager Compensation
  • Employment Laws and How They Apply to Self-Storage
  • Self-Storage Recruitment and Hiring: Finding Your Best Manager

Self-Storage Sales 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • 10 Powerful Selling Techniques to Maximize Self-Storage Profitability
  • The Anatomy of a Good Self-Storage Phone-Sales Call and Script
  • World-Class Tactics That Drive Self-Storage Sales

Self-Storage International 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • An Insider’s View of International Self-Storage: A Discussion With the Experts
  • Comparing Emerging Markets in the Global Self-Storage Industry
  • Keys to Launching a Successful Self-Storage Operation in Europe

Self-Storage Add-On Profit Centers 2015: Education 3-Pack

  • Generating Revenue From Self-Storage Tenant Insurance and Protection Plans
  • Is Now the Time to Invest in Boat and RV Storage?
  • Self-Storage Retail Results: Merchandising, Sales and More

For more detailed descriptions and previews of DVD content, please refer to each DVD’s individual product page.

Individual sessions are also available as on-demand video.