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Picture of Self-Storage Tenant Exit-Survey Package

Self-Storage Tenant Exit-Survey Package

This package contains sample exit surveys you can customize and use with tenants, a management-software manual on how to use related program features, and a guide on building a strong referral program.

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Platform: Downloadable zip file folder
File Formats: PDF, TXT, Word

Self-Storage Tenant Exit-Survey Package
Understanding why tenants eventually leave your self-storage facility can be an important indicator of business performance. While many customers leave because they no longer have a need to store their belongings, others may opt to move out for a variety of reasons related to how your facility is run, including the professionalism and helpfulness of your staff. A thorough exit survey not only enables you to better understand why dissatisfied customers leave, but also provides an opportunity to actively engage those who leave on good terms to bolster your referral program.

This tenant exit-survey package contains a sample survey operators can use immediately in their facilities, including fully customizable versions. It also includes a special software user’s manual detailing how to use the exit-survey features of several popular management-software products, and an educational guide on how to build a strong referral program.

Contents include:

  • A sample exit survey in three file formats (PDF, TXT and Word) that can be used “out of the box” or customized to your business needs
  • A 23- page “Software User Manual: Optimizing Exit Survey Features in Your Facility-Management Program,” featuring Centershift, E-Softsys (Self Storage Manager), QuikStor, SMD Software (SiteLink), and Syrasoft
  • A seven-page educational guide titled, “Creating and Implementing Your Self-Storage Referral Program”

NOTE: The Tenant Exit-Survey Guide contents will be delivered to your “My On-Demand Library” in a downloadable zip file folder.