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Picture of Inside Self-Storage Magazine: April 2014

Inside Self-Storage Magazine: April 2014

The Inside Self-Storage April 2014 issue explores issues of day-to-day facility management, focusing on the tasks managers must master to succeed, including marketing, sales, maintenance and customer service.

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72 Pages
PDF Format

Inside Self-Storage April 2014
For self-storage managers, every day has the potential to be unique. The responsibilities of managing a successful facility are varied and complex. Today you might be focused on social media efforts. Tomorrow could be dedicated to landscaping duties. Regardless of your to-do list, every day includes key interactions with customers. This issue explores the diverse facets of daily facility operation, including the tasks every manager must accomplish and master to be successful: sales, customer service, marketing, site maintenance and more.

Articles include:

  • Evaluating a facility's "true" occupancy
  • Three manager sales tips
  • Boosting revenue through customer service
  • A guide to spring cleaning
  • "Touch" marketing strategies
  • Online marketing strategies for the spring busy season
  • Digital and inbound marketing
  • Tips for a modern and trendy website
  • Gaining tenants via LinkedIn
  • Tools to stand out on Facebook
  • The danger of "authorized access"
  • Manager compensation
  • An overview of today’s financial landscape
  • A preview of the 2014 ISS Expo Exhibit Hall

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