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Picture of Inside Self-Storage Magazine: January 2014

Inside Self-Storage Magazine: January 2014

The Inside Self-Storage January 2014 issue explores methods of profit enhancement with articles on revenue management, operational expenses, value preservation, add-on profit centers and more.

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48 Pages
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Inside Self-Storage January 2014
When it comes to finding the perfect mix of revenue and expenses for your self-storage business, there's no magical formula. However, there are strategies operators can employ to reduce their everyday expenditures while simultaneously generating more money. This issue of ISS takes a closer look at the many ways operators can keep facility expenses in check, manage their rental rates, add some clever money-making opportunities, and more.

Articles include:

  • How to better manage your revenue stream
  • Tips on minimizing increases and managing existing costs
  • Why customer service is a key to your overall profit
  • Products and services to add—ones you never imagined
  • Additional money-making opportunities for your retail store
  • The biggest legal threat you may face in 2014
  • Improving social media marketing with Hootsuite
  • Product Showcase: Insight and Onsite Facility-Management Software

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