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Picture of DVD - Self-Storage Owner/Operator Executive Summit: Day Two

DVD - Self-Storage Owner/Operator Executive Summit: Day Two

This DVD includes Day Two of the Self-Storage Owner/Operator Executive Summit, which addresses revenue management, profitable marketing, and facility "rentability" and value.

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Speaker: Bob Copper, Owner, Self Storage 101
Format: DVD (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 2 hours, 33 minutes (broken into three sessions)

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Self-Storage Owner/Operator Executive Summit
DAY TWO: Generating and Managing Facility Income

The digital summit is a new online education experience optimized for self-storage professionals. Each summit takes place live with real-time Q&A and is recorded for future distribution. This DVD contains a copy of Day Two of the Self-Storage Owner/Operator Executive Summit, which took place on Oct. 17, 2013. It includes all three education sessions recorded on the day of the event. Following is a description of the session contents.

Also included with your purchase is a digital workbook you can access in PDF format. Instructions for downloading your workbook will be included with your DVD.

Session 1: Effective Revenue Management

Every self-storage operation could use more income, whether to offset rising expenses, increase facility value, or prepare for a refinance or sale. This segment will help you manage and improve revenue. Topics include:

  • Implementing systems to increase revenue, profit and value
  • Understanding the important numbers
  • Communicating the value of every dollar increase
  • Setting systems on auto-pilot

Session 2: Turning Marketing Into Money

Marketing can be a complex business component, but its principles in terms of helping your business make money are simple. In segment two, you'll learn key essentials from an ownership point of view. Covered topics include:

  • Understanding your marketplace
  • Developing and implementing an effective marketing plan
  • Creating a sure-fire follow-up system for customer leads
  • Using proven techniques to turn more prospects into tenants

Session 3: Increasing Facility 'Rentability' and Value

In this third and final segment, you'll learn strategies to increase the allure of your facility for tenants, improve the overall customer experience and generally improve your level of business. Topics include:

  • Taking a "customer’s eye view" of your site
  • Creating a customer-friendly experience
  • Learning to be proactive, not reactive, to facility challenges
  • Increasing the value of your self-storage assets

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About the Presenter

Bob Copper is owner and partner in charge of Self Storage 101, an industry consulting firm specializing in operational improvement, training, audits, feasibility and market studies, and due diligence. As a prominent consultant, author, speaker and trainer, Bob has worked with hundreds of self-storage owners, operators and managers to develop strategies for operational improvement, revenue growth and value enhancement. As a self-storage owner himself, he also has a unique perspective that relates to working with other operators.