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Picture of Maximizing Your Sales Program - DVD and Workbook Combo

Maximizing Your Sales Program - DVD and Workbook Combo

In this powerful training session, you'll discover better ways to educate customers about storage, set yourself apart from competition, generate more leads, become the market price leader, and rent more units.
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Author: Brad North, President, Advantage Business Consulting
Format: Softcover Workbook, DVD (USPS Shipping Required)
Length: 42 Pages; 48 minutes

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Maximizing Your Sales Program - DVD and Workbook Combo
In this powerful training session, you'll discover the techniques you need to better educate prospects and customers about self-storage, set your business apart from competition, generate more sales leads, become the price leader in your market and ultimately rent more units! Our presenter will give you sales strategies to build product value and trust with customers and get them to sign on the dotted line. You will learn how to:

  • Develop and implement a lead-generation program
  • Create more customer visits to your store
  • Customize your sales presentation to better meet the needs of each individual customer
  • Communicate and sell the differential advantages of your facility, setting it apart from competition
  • Turn customer objections into rentals

Our presenter will also share a five-minute phone-sales presentation that will lead to a customer appointment almost every time; ways of obtaining a name and phone number every time a customer calls into the store and how to convert this information into a rental the majority of the time; and systems he uses at his own self-storage facilities to become the market price leader.

Brad North, president of Advantage Consulting & Management, is an expert on teaching better ways to master the self-storage sales presentation. He believes in a conversational style of selling to engage the customer through the entire process. In addition to training and consulting with thousands of self-storage owners and developers throughout the world, Mr. North provides onsite consulting, manager-training workshops, seminars and feasibility studies, and his company manages more than 1 million square feet of self-storage.