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Picture of Inside Self-Storage Magazine: April 2013

Inside Self-Storage Magazine: April 2013

The April 2013 issue delves into self-storage operational challenges by revealing how operators would and should handle a series of tough situations involving customer service, legal issues and more.

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72 Pages
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Inside Self-Storage April 2013
Self-storage operators regularly face a wide range of challenges such as upset customers, break-ins, roof leaks and many others. When these things happen, what you should do is sometimes pretty clear. Other times, the right course of action may be not so evident. ISS asked in-the-field operators and top-level experts what they would and should do in response to common industry challenges involving customer service, legal issues, facility maintenance, risk management and more. Read their responses and ask yourself what you would do in similar situations.

Articles include:

  • What Would You Do...
    • Why Me?!
    • Providing the ultimate customer service
    • Legal conundrums
    • Liability scenarios
    • Mastering maintenance
  • The Affordable Care Act’s Employer Shared Responsibility Penalty
  • Taking a global view of your Internet marketing
  • Small ways to improve your customer-service skills
  • An open letter to a facility manager and her stretchy pants
  • 10 things your business is begging you to learn