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Picture of Self-Storage Finance Symposium

Self-Storage Finance Symposium

Split into three sections, the symposium covers commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), insurance-company financing, SBA financing, and self-storage loan workouts.
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Moderator: Shawn Hill, Principal, The BSC Group
Presenters: Devin Huber, Principal, The BSC Group; David Smyle, Vice President and Managing Director, Churchill Mortgage Capital; Georgia Ragsdale, President and CEO, Best American Financial Services; Brock Andrus, Managing Director, 1st Service Solutions
Duration: 1 hour, 49 minutes

Self-Storage Finance Symposium
This session answers questions about self-storage financing. Split into three sections, each by a different presenter, the symposium covers commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), insurance-company financing, Small Business Administration (SBA) financing, and self-storage loan workouts. The session includes an audience Q&A at the conclusion of the presentations.

You will learn:

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, Insurance Companies (Huber and Smyle)

  • Current market information regarding CMBS loans and financing through insurance companies
  • Program guidelines, costs, and timing
  • Current rates and terms
  • Updated underwriting guidelines
  • Small and large loan segmentation
  • Market size and volume expectations

SBA Financing (Ragsdale)

  • How SBA financing can have a profound impact on self-storage investors owning one to four properties as well as long-term buy-and-hold investors
  • The types of loans getting funded
  • Rates and terms
  • Who qualifies for an SBA loan, and who most benefits
  • The submission process
  • Pros and cons of the SBA 7a and 504 loan products

Self-Storage Loan Workouts (Andrus)

  • Insights on restructuring and acquiring CMBS debt
  • The role and responsibilities of a CMBS special servicer
  • The circumstances under which a loan will get transferred to the special servicer
  • What factors into a special servicer's decision on a restructure
  • What types of restructures special servicers will entertain and the types that will not work
  • What a borrower should expect throughout the restructure process
  • How an advocate can assist the borrower