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Picture of Inside Self-Storage Magazine: January 2012

Inside Self-Storage Magazine: January 2012

This issue of Inside Self-Storage examines technology trends on which facility operators can capitalize to attract more customers and make more money.

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56 Pages
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Inside Self-Storage Magazine: January 2012
Getting a handle on today's technology isn't easy. With smartphones, tablets, social media and videos, there are more opportunities to attract and interact with self-storage customers. To get their marketing message into the mainstream, operators need to know how to capitalize on today's modern technology. The January issue examines these technology trends.

Articles address:

  • Making informed marketing decisions
  • Building and promoting a facility's website
  • Tips for using video marketing
  • Creating a successful mobile website
  • Benefits of online directories
  • Overcoming social-media obstacles
  • Handling past-due rent
  • Organizing a great ad campaign
  • Finding the best debt-restructuring solution for our business