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Picture of Self Storage [Horror Fiction Novel]

Self Storage [Horror Fiction Novel]

Best-selling author Jay Bonansinga creates thrills and chills in this harrowing tale of a heroin addict and his son who are forced to face demons real and imagined while trapped inside a self-storage unit.
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Author: Jay Bonansinga
Format: Hardcover (USPS Shipping Required)
Length: 213 Pages

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Self Storage [Horror Fiction Novel]
Self-storage has crept into pop-culture consciousness thanks to reality television, comic books, horror films and, now, a psychological-horror novel by Jay Bonansinga, best known for penning the official “The Walking Dead” novel series. Published by Magnetik Ink in 2016, the book centers on Johnny Fitzgerald, a lonely, divorced graphic illustrator with a major heroin habit. When Johnny accidentally gets trapped inside a deserted self-storage facility with his 6-year-old son, he’s forced to face demons both real and imagined.

Father and son fight for their lives. They battle thirst, hunger and perhaps the worst human craving of all—heroin withdrawal. These trials are only the beginning of Johnny’s painful education in detox, because there’s something dark and terrifying behind Johnny’s dope-sick hallucinations ... something touched off by the self-storage facility itself!

“Self Storage” mixes the brutal surrealism of Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” with the dark fantasy of Clive Barker. The tale is “a surreal nightmare that is part ‘The Shining,’ part ‘Naked Lunch,’ part ‘Lost Weekend,’ and part photo album of my own life,” according to the author himself. “The fact that this book is the most personal book I’ve ever written is kind of scary—even to me—as well as the fact that the story takes you to places I thought I would never take a reader.”
Please note: This novel contains graphic scenes and mature language.

About the Author
Jay Bonansinga is the “New York Times” bestselling author of 23 books, including the Bram Stoker finalist “The Black Mariah” (1994), the International Thriller Writers Award finalist “Shattered” (2007), the wildly popular “Walking Dead” novels, and the acclaimed young-adult horror novel “Lucid” (2015). He’s worked in the film industry as well as created or co-created the stories for a number of video games in the “Walking Dead” universe.

Jay recently launched the multi-media company Magnetik Ink, which encompasses the genres of horror, suspense, noir crime and satire with collectible merchandise, independent films, television, books, comics, video games, short-story collections and more.

What people are saying about “Self Storage”:

“Not since Stephen King's ‘Misery’ have I been unable to put a book down until I finished the last page. Jay Bonansinga's ‘Self Storage’ is hands down the scariest, most claustrophobic novel I've read in years. Part thriller, part ghost story, part fever dream, it's a tale of love and redemption and the power locked within our own minds—and those of children. If you're a fan of ‘The Shining,’ you will fall head over heels in love with ‘Self Storage.’ This is a haunted house story for a new century, and for us old-schoolers as well.”
~Tamara Thorne, author of “The Ghosts of Ravencrest” and “Eternity”

"Are you afraid of the dark? Jay Bonansinga's ‘Self Storage’ is a harrowing, panic-laden read that takes you into the mind of a heroin addict in withdrawal who must care for his young son while trapped in darkness with no way out. A story of love and sacrifice that takes place in a self-storage unit that makes the one in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ look like a picnic."
~Alistair Cross, author of “The Crimson Corset” and “The Cliffhouse Haunting”

“’Self Storage’ is a killer! Jay Bonansinga takes no prisoners in this novel filled with intense horror, wicked humor and dynamic action. Wow…just wow!”
~Jonathan Maberry, author of “Predator One” and “Ghostwalkers”

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