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Picture of Inside Self-Storage Magazine: February 2014

Inside Self-Storage Magazine: February 2014

The Inside Self-Storage February 2014 issue focuses on buyer and investor issues, exploring the self-storage lending and real estate market, property taxes, project feasibility, joint ventures and more.

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48 Pages
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Inside Self-Storage February 2014
The self-storage real estate and finance landscape has changed drastically in just the past 18 months, with  financing becoming more readily available and construction activity beginning anew. While there are still a number of hurdles to finding and financing that perfect self-storage project, now’s the time to buy, build or refinance your dream development. This issue of ISS dives into the topic of self-storage finance and investing, addressing key issues of lending, capital markets, loan request, joint-venture structures, due diligence, project feasibility and more.

Articles include:

  • An overview of the capital markets
  • Tips on achieving a fair property-tax value
  • The benefits of joint ventures
  • How to conduct an accurate feasibility study
  • The three keys to buyer due diligence
  • Recognizing—and preventing—an overbuilt market
  • Creating a loan-request package 
  • Winter maintenance tips
  • 2014 Inside Self-Storage World Expo preview