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Picture of Storage World Analyzer Software, Version 2

Storage World Analyzer Software, Version 2

NEW VERSION! This cloud-based software is designed to provide self-storage buyers and investors with cash-on-cash return estimates and 10-year cash-flow projections based on unit mix and assumption variables.
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Price: $599.00

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Creator: Mark Helm
Platform: Cloud-Based Software

Download Sample Reports!
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Your purchase of Storage World Analyzer includes online access to the software from which you will be able to run an unlimited number of detailed, printable reports. This is NOT a downloadable software program, nor is it available on disc. 

When you complete your purchase, you will immediately receive a PDF voucher containing instructions to redeem the offer. You will find it in your “My On-Demand Library.”

Storage World Analyzer Software, Version 2
Newly updated with expanded projection capability! The numerous variables that make self-storage a unique real estate asset also make conventional predictive tools less than ideal when determining if a potential buy will make a good investment. This cloud-based software is designed to provide self-storage buyers and investors with detailed cash-on-cash return estimates and 10-year cash-flow projections based on unit/pricing mix and several assumption variables, including acquisition price and other investment costs, income, expenses, occupancy, capitalization rate, and debt service. It includes:

  • Internal rate of return forecasting
  • Cash-on-cash estimates
  • 10-year cash-flow projections
  • Unit-mix and pricing-optimization tools
  • Easy, step-by-step recording of data variables
  • Detailed, printable reports
  • Ability to customize reports with company logo
  • Video tutorials
  • Unlimited access with no time constraints

Version 2 of the software has been streamlined for efficiency and ease of use, and includes new and refined modules that allow users to make long-term projections on all types of self-storage property investments including:

  • Existing facility acquisitions
  • Raw land with new construction
  • Conversion projects
  • Facility expansions

Self-storage investor Mark Helm created Storage World Analyzer to help him better examine potential deals on existing storage facilities or land purchases. He spent a dozen years improving the program for personal gain prior to making the cloud-based program available to other investors and operators. 

Use of Storage World Analyzer does not guarantee investment success. Its usefulness as an analytical tool is predicated on the accuracy of the data put into the system. Industry averages may be used to generate initial reports and then replaced with more accurate assumptions collected during due diligence to assist with projections.

About the Creator
Mark Helm, CCIM, is a commercial real estate agent who started working with REITs in the mid-1990s to locate and purchase self-storage properties. As he learned the business, Mark struck out on his own to invest in self-storage and purchased his first project at the beginning of the 21st century. Through trial and error, he created a strategic system of analyzing and buying storage property, and today is working toward a goal of building a $60 million portfolio. Mark is also the author of “Creating Wealth Through Self-Storage,” which is available through the ISS Store in softcover and digital PDF format.