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Picture of Inside Self-Storage Building/Investing Guidebook 2019 [Softcover]

Inside Self-Storage Building/Investing Guidebook 2019 [Softcover]

This Guidebook is designed to help those interested in self-storage investing as well as those who want to establish or expand an operation. It addresses real estate, finance, development and construction.
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Format: Softcover (USPS Shipping Required)
Length: 76 Pages

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Inside Self-Storage Building/Investing Guidebook 2019 [Softcover]

Buying or building a self-storage facility has evolved into a complex process as markets have become increasingly competitive and saturated. This Guidebook is designed to help individuals who want to invest in the business, establish a facility or expand an existing property. It addresses several critical areas: real estate, investing, finance, development and construction.

You'll learn about investment and loan options, insight for choosing a site to build or facility to acquire, evaluation criteria, the process of securing project approval, design trends and techniques, building essentials, retrofitting, and much more. It'll give you the foundation you need to create a successful project and maximize its profitability. Topics include:

Investing & Real Estate

  • First steps
  • Investment myths
  • Market dynamics
  • Partnerships
  • Deal fundamentals
  • Capitalization rates
  • Buying advice
  • Due diligence
  • Broker assistance

Finance & Funding

  • The lending market
  • Interest rates
  • Loan preparation
  • Creditworthiness
  • Finance options
  • SBA programs
  • Crowdfunding

Development & Planning

  • Feasibility
  • Market saturation
  • Secondary and tertiary markets
  • Development fundamentals
  • Planning checklist
  • Zoning and project approval
  • Team selection

Design & Construction

  • Trends
  • Success factors
  • Process management
  • Site grading
  • Multi-story building
  • Conversions
  • Drive-up climate control
  • Project case studies
  • Site improvements
  • Solar power
  • Landscaping

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