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Picture of Total Self-Storage Solutions 2017 Education DVD Package

Total Self-Storage Solutions 2017 Education DVD Package

Get 44 education sessions addressing the full spectrum of self-storage: development, construction, investment, ownership, management, marketing and more. This discount bundle offers significant savings.

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Format: 25 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 36 hours

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Total Self-Storage Solutions 2017 Education DVD Package
Now you can get all 44 standard sessions from the Building, Finance, Investing, Management, Marketing, Ownership and Technology education tracks at the 2017 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient package. This discounted, 25-DVD package offers significant savings off the individual DVD prices and features self-storage experts discussing important topics related to self-storage development, construction, investment, ownership, management, marketing, technology and more. The bundle includes:

Self-Storage Management 2017 Education DVD Package

  • A Realistic Approach to Self-Storage Customer Service: Cutting Through the Clutter
  • Rent That Unit! Self-Storage Sales Strategies to Seal the Deal
  • Ready for Anything: Emergency Preparedness for Self-Storage Managers
  • Living in a Digital Age: Online Self-Storage and Legal Compliance
  • Legal Strategies Every Self-Storage Manager Must Implement Today
  • Creating a New Sales Culture to Stop Self-Storage Revenue-Killers
  • 5 Steps to Securing Your Own Promotion: A Guide for Self-Storage Managers
  • Self-Storage Metrics for Managers: Understanding the Numbers That Rule Your World
  • 8 Secrets Every Self-Storage Manager Needs to Know to be Successful

Self-Storage Ownership 2017 Education DVD Package

  • Lessons We've Learned in 50 Years of Self-Storage
  • 10 Things Self-Storage Owners Do to Self-Sabotage Their Business
  • Tax-Saving Strategies for Self-Storage Businesses
  • Delving Into Your Self-Storage Management Data: The Truth It Tells and How to Use It
  • Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Compensation and Other Motivators for Self-Storage Managers
  • 6 Ways to Avoid Business Liability in Self-Storage
  • Selling Self-Storage Properties: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Revenue Management for Self-Storage … Are You Getting Your Share of the $32.7B?
  • Sure-Fire Success Strategies for Self-Storage Owners

Self-Storage Marketing 2017 Education DVD Package

  • The Science of Internet Marketing: Unlocking Your Self-Storage Facility's Web Potential
  • Self-Storage and the Local-Search Ecosystem: Managing Your Multiple Business Listings
  • How to Optimize the Value of Social Media in Your Self-Storage Marketing Plan
  • Content Marketing for Self-Storage: Using Video, Blogs and More to Tell Your Story
  • Mobile SEO and SEM: The Self-Storage Industry's 800-Pound Gorilla
  • Lead Tracking From Start to Finish: Determining Your Self-Storage Marketing ROI
  • Creating Actionable Self-Storage Marketing with Google Analytics Data
  • Marketing to Millennials: Understanding a New Generation of Self-Storage Buyers
  • Grassroots Gumption: Planning Self-Storage Campaigns, Events and Other Community-Based Marketing

Self-Storage Building 2017 Education DVD Package

  • Construction Essentials: Self-Storage Building Materials and Components
  • Self-Storage Layout for Maximum Profit and Customer Service
  • Function vs. Aesthetics: Balancing the Value in Self-Storage Conversions
  • Self-Storage Building and Design: Case Studies of Success
  • Developing and Building Boat/RV Storage

Self-Storage Investing 2017 Education DVD Package

  • Can You Make Money in Self-Storage? Market Feasibility and Due Diligence
  • Entering the Self-Storage Market: Should You Buy an Existing Facility or Build One?
  • Self-Storage and the Real Estate Cycle: Market Dynamics, Property Value and More
  • Insider Strategies for Buying Self-Storage in Today's Crazy Market
  • Fast Track to Profit: Investing in Underperforming Self-Storage Facilities

Self-Storage Finance 2017 Education DVD Package

  • A Survival Guide for Self-Storage Borrowers: Choosing a Loan and Lender
  • Assembling a Self-Storage Loan Package
  • The Ins and Outs of Self-Storage Refinancing: The Factors Within and Beyond Your Control
  • SBA Financing and Self-Storage: Can a Small Business Loan Work for You?

Self-Storage Technology 2017 Education DVD Package

  • Advancements in 'Unattended' Self-Storage Facility Management
  • Using Technology to Boost Your Self-Storage Operation's Physical and Virtual Security
  • What's Next? A Look at Technology Disruptors and the Future of Self-Storage
For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the DVD package pages by clicking on the linked titles above.

Individual sessions are also available as on-demand video.