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Picture of Hot Storage [Mystery Novel]

Hot Storage [Mystery Novel]

Author Mary Mead creates intrigue in this mystery novel about the perils of self-storage manager Marlena Montoya, who must hunt for the truth when two men connected to the facility are murdered.
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Author: Mary Mead
Format: Softcover (USPS Shipping Required)
Length: 254 Pages

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Hot Storage [Mystery Novel]
Self-storage continues to be used as a moody setting in books and other forms of popular media. Author Mary Mead, best known for her mystery series of novels set in Monarch Beach, adds to the mix with a new mystery titled “Hot Storage.”

The tale centers on self-storage manager Marlena Montoya, who finds cartons of drugs in a unit that was supposed to be empty. It all goes downhill from there, as a county task force puts an undercover cop on the payroll, one of the owners gets personal, and the local detective stays for dinner. When two men are murdered and the victims are tied to the Jade Beach facility, it falls to Marlena to hunt for the truth with an assist from Monarch Beach detective John Kincaid.

Though “Hot Storage” isn’t officially part of the Monarch Beach series and introduces new characters, Kincaid is included as a familiar figure for dedicated readers.

About the Author
A transplanted Southerner and lung-cancer survivor, Mary Mead has a love for books that goes back to the cradle. She’s been a collector for most of her life, with her first copy of “Uncle Wiggly” still on her bookshelf. While being treated for cancer, she learned the importance of family and laughter, and writing books became a prominent entry on her bucket list. “My books are meant to entertain,” she says, “with maybe a little dose of knowledge, shared from my own experience.”

There are three books in the Monarch Beach series, beginning with “Out of the Blue” and followed by “Wild Blue Yonder” and “Bluebonnets.” Mead is working on a fourth installment, “Deep Blue See,” which will bring back Tee, Tim and the group from the Gem. Also on tap is “Blue Blazes,” which will be another trip to Monarch Beach.