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DVD - Self-Storage Manager Motivation and Retention

Learn how to recognize a good self-storage manager (or a bad one) as well as ways to retain key staff, create effective bonus structures, implement pay raises, and improve training results.

DVD - Self-Storage Selling Techniques: A Hands-On Practicum

Learn the differences between self-storage phone transactions and walk-in visits, and see actual demonstrations for how to guide customer conversations and successfully close each deal.

DVD - Operations Manual ... What Operations Manual? Developing Self-Storage Policies and Procedures

Learn how to create a self-storage operations manual of policies and procedures for your facility, use it to improve the business, and get employees to embrace and buy in to the new processes.

DVD - Handling Tricky Customer-Service Issues in Self-Storage

Learn how to effectively address difficult customer-service situations in self-storage, including procedures to put in place, how to initiate contact and how to close an interaction once resolution is reached.

DVD - Self-Storage Facility Auditing: Does Your System Meet Up-to-Date Standards?

Learn when, why and how to conduct a self-storage audit to keep your business running optimally. Topics include site-performance standards, tips on selecting an auditor, what experts look for, and more.

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