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DVD - Legacy and Succession Planning for Family Self-Storage Businesses

Learn the proper planning, discussions and decisions that must be made when one generation intends to pass on its self-storage operation to the next, including valuable lessons learned.

DVD - Let’s Work Together! Achieving Self-Storage Efficiency Through Technology Integration

Learn how the integration of self-storage technology systems can convert more rentals and decrease costs, while allowing you to be more productive.

DVD - Self-Storage Undercover: The Subtle Art of Competitive Analysis

All self-storage operators should conduct competitive research to gauge market position and uncover areas for improvement. Learn how to query competitors, extract data and analyze results to maximize profit.

DVD - The Three Rs of Customer Experience: Relationships, Results and Revenue

This data-packed session will teach you the technology tools, tips and tricks needed to create a hyper-personalized tenant journey and customer experience prospects will love.

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