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How to Choose a Self-Storage Site and Ensure It's Buildable

Learn about the importance of site selection to facility success, the factors that influence the decision-making process, how technology impacts your chosen property, and how to overcome development pitfalls.

The Capital Markets and Current Loan Products for Self-Storage Owners/Investors

Learn everything you need to know about the state of the debt market and the current loan products available to self-storage owners and investors, including structures, rates, terms, costs and more.

Creative Design Techniques for Self-Storage

Learn how design drives facility success and get insight to building an attractive, efficient project. Topics include office design, multi-story, landscaping, and the role of design in community relations.

5 Trends to Help You Maximize Self-Storage Profit and Facility Value

In this seminar, you'll learn about the market conditions that have impacted your facility’s past performance and discover five trends that are currently affecting its performance and investment value.

Refurbishing Your Self-Storage Facility

Learn how to add value to your existing property, increase curb appeal and attract customers with facility refurbishing. Topics include the property review, budgeting, scheduling, hiring contractors and more.

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