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Picture of Creative Design Techniques for Self-Storage

Creative Design Techniques for Self-Storage

Learn how design drives facility success and get insight to building an attractive, efficient project. Topics include office design, multi-story, landscaping, and the role of design in community relations.

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Speaker: Bruce Jordan, President, Jordan Architects Inc.
Duration: 48 minutes

Creative Design Techniques for Self-Storage
The evolution of self-storage design has been significant in a relatively short time span. The new generation of facilities has been designed for better customer service and to present a more, functional, architecturally refined and friendly image to the community. User-friendly designs will help accelerate the lease-up period and meet customer needs. In this session, you'll learn how design drives facility success and insight to building a project that is attractive and efficient.

You will learn:

  • Insight to exterior architecture and design that breeds facility success
  • Tips for management-office design
  • User-friendly multi-story design techniques
  • Important issues of landscape design
  • The connection between facility design and community relations

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