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Picture of Building Self-Storage Profit Through Innovative Facility Expansion

Building Self-Storage Profit Through Innovative Facility Expansion

Learn about innovative self-storage expansion alternatives, climate-control and boat/RV considerations, as well as construction processes and associated expansion costs.

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Speaker: Caesar Wright, President, Mako Steel Inc.
Format: MP3 and PDF
Duration: 47 minutes

Building Self-Storage Profit Through Innovative Facility Expansion
Self-storage operators looking to expand their facility and increase their bottom line have few options they can consider without having to increase their building footprint. This seminar outlines a few innovative expansion alternatives outside of traditional ambient storage. Our presenter talks about adding space by building up instead of out, when to consider climate-control storage, and how to capitalize on the immediate demand for boat and RV storage in many markets. He also discusses the construction process and costs associated with facility expansion.

You will learn:

  • When to consider expansion and how to prepare for it
  • How to choose the right expansion type for your property
  • The “double up” case study: how owners are building up without tearing down
  • How to tap into the demand for climate control and boat/RV storage
  • How to budget for your expansion

NOTE: This audiocast will be delivered to your “My On-Demand Library” in a downloadable zip file folder. Your folder will contain an MP3 audio file of your purchased session, along with a PDF of the matching presentation slides provided by the speaker.