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Smart Strategies to Reduce Self-Storage Building Costs

Learn the most important items that affect self-storage construction spending and get simple tips to evaluate a proposed building for too much design (extra cost) or too little (extra risk).

Checks and Balances: Site Auditing for Self-Storage Success

Learn effective site-auditing strategies to ensure business success. Topics include areas to evaluate, red flags to watch for and what to do when problems are uncovered.

Tech Evolution: Exploring the Self-Storage Virtual-Management Model

Learn the most effective ways to remotely manage a facility, from automating the move-in process, to improving tenant access, to building and development considerations.

Structuring Self-Storage Deals in a New Reality: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Get insight on how self-storage deal terms and structure have been impacted by COVID-19 and how to position yourself for real estate success. Topics include underwriting, facility value and more.

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