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Picture of DVD - Self-Storage Developers Conference

DVD - Self-Storage Developers Conference

Learn from the experts about self-storage feasibility, financing, new construction, conversions, facility renovation and expansion, and boat/RV storage. Eight videos, plus a bonus resource DVD!
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Format: 6 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 6 hours, 30 minutes

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

DVD - Self-Storage Developers Conference
After several years of low activity, self-storage development is once again burgeoning, with previously stunted projects coming back on line and new facilities being planned in communities nationwide. If you're interested in building a new project, converting a property from another use, or renovating an existing self-storage facility, this detailed conference is what you need to start strong and end victorious in your journey.

Sit back and watch the field's leading experts share insight to feasibility, financing, new construction, conversion projects, facility renovation and expansion, and boat/RV storage. You'll get the know-how you need to succeed in the business—or avoid a bad investment!

Produced by Inside Self-Storage, this DVD set includes eight education sessions on five DVDs, plus a bonus resource DVD containing PDF versions of the speaker presentation slides and premium-content articles that relate to the conference topics. Video sessions include:

Session 1: Opening Remarks, General Development Climate
Presented by Mel Holsinger, President, Professional Self Storage Management LLC

  • Why investing in self-storage construction or rehab is better today than ever
  • How the economy impacts storage demand and what to expect in the year ahead
  • What you can expect to see in the way of new construction
  • How to set realistic expectations for your development's investment return
  • How site, market and product selection creates a formula for success

Session 2: Feasibility
Presented by Jeff Kinder, President, Advantage Advisors LLC

  • The traditional characteristics of a good site
  • How to evaluate potential sites and choose one that meets your long-term objectives
  • How to determine an effective land cost
  • The hurdles developers commonly encounter, how they impact the site, and ways to overcome them
  • Factors you must examine when reviewing your market-area competition

Session 3: Financing
Presented by Neal Gussis, Principal, CCM Commercial Mortgage

  • Loan structures and debt products available for self-storage
  • The most important factors and features in obtaining a new loan
  • How to choose a lender and know which is most suitable for your objective
  • How to prepare a loan request, including the major elements of the package and how to best present them
  • Areas to consider when negotiating loan terms

Session 4: New Construction
Presented by Rick Dodge, Vice President, Paramount Metal Systems; and Frank G. Relf, Owner, Frank G. Relf Architect, P.C.

  • The costs of new construction and how to create an accurate budget
  • How to design and engineer your site for maximum value and profit
  • How to avoid change orders, control quality and anticipate construction time
  • Insight to interior and exterior design, including parking, landscaping and more
  • Steps a first-time developer might miss and answers to common questions

Session 5: The Conversion Process
Presented by Jim Ponti, Regional Sales Manager, Janus International Group

  • What to look for when choosing a building
  • The costs and financial risks of conversion
  • The legal issues involved including zoning, change of use, code compliance and permitting
  • Specific design issues associated with conversion
  • Post-construction regulatory issues: fire district, signage, infestation, tax appeals
  • What others have done to achieve a successful conversion
  • Common pitfalls, challenges and drawbacks
  • Tips for mixed-use conversion

Session 6: Facility Renovation and Expansion
Presented by Tarik Williams, Vice President, TLW Construction Inc.

  • How to conduct a thorough property review to identify deficiencies
  • How to plan and prioritize improvements
  • How to create a refurbishing budget and prepare for contingencies
  • How to choose the right contractors and products for the job
  • How to barter deals and create a great relationship with your builder
  • When to consider expansion and how to prepare for it
  • How to choose the right expansion type for your property
  • How to budget for your expansion

Session 7: Boat and RV Storage
Presented by Bob Hayworth, President, Baja Construction Co. Inc.

  • Essential construction trends
  • Storage options, site design and layout
  • Building requirements
  • Construction costs
  • Amenities to add to a successful site

Session 8: Closing Remarks
Presented by Mel Holsinger, President, Professional Self Storage Management LLC