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Picture of DVD - Self-Storage Operator Essentials 2021 Education DVD Package

DVD - Self-Storage Operator Essentials 2021 Education DVD Package

Get 28 education sessions that address important aspects of self-storage facility operation. This discount bundle addresses issues of sales, customer service, marketing, revenue, staffing, technology and more.

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Format: 16 DVDs (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: Approximately 26 hours

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your order.

Self-Storage Operator Essentials 2021 Education DVD Package
Now you can get all 28 sessions from the Customer Experience, Management, Ownership and Technology education tracks at the 2021 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient package. This discounted, 16-DVD package offers significant savings off the individual DVD prices and features self-storage experts discussing important topics related to self-storage facility operation, including sales, customer service, marketing, revenue management, staffing, technology and more. The bundle includes:

Self-Storage Customer Experience 2021 Education DVD Package

  • Cultivating a 5-Star Experience: How to Foresee and Meet the Needs of Your Self-Storage Customers
  • Driving Self-Storage Rentals in a Zero-Click World
  • Secret Sauce: Leading the Market in a Big Way, Even as the Smaller Self-Storage Operator
  • Bridging the Digital Service Gap: Ways to Humanize Technology in Self-Storage
  • Market to the People Who Matter: Generating More Leads From Your Own Micro Market
  • SEO Is Not Dead! Why Your Self-Storage Business Still Needs It and How to Get It Done
  • Pivot to Win It: How to Think Fast and Change Quick in Any Self-Storage Service Environment

Self-Storage Management 2021 Education DVD Package

  • The Legal Questions You Need to Ask—and Answer—Around Offering Contact-Free Storage
  • Sales Guidance for Non-Salespeople: How Any Self-Storage Manager Can Close More Deals
  • No Money, Mo' Problems: Addressing Self-Storage Delinquency in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond
  • Smooth Operator: How to Avoid and Resolve Disputes With Anyone in Your Self-Storage World
  • Eye on the Prized: Becoming the Exceptional Manager Every Self-Storage Owner Wants
  • A Manager's Guide to Self-Storage Revenue: Rental Rates, Discounts, Expenses and More
  • What You Need to Excel at Self-Storage Merchandising and Maximize Retail Sales

Self-Storage Ownership 2021 Education DVD Package

  • 5 Smart Things Self-Storage Owners Should Do Every Year (But Many Often Forget)
  • An Owner’s Guide to Remote Self-Storage Management: It Isn’t Just for Pandemics!
  • The Keys to a Smooth-Running Self-Storage Business: Implementing Policies and Procedures
  • In Self-Storage, Staff Is King: People-Management Mistakes to Avoid
  • Self-Storage Diagnostics: 5 Ways to Measure the True Health of Your Business
  • Is It Time to Become a Multi-Site Self-Storage Operation? Why and How to Grow Your Portfolio
  • Spend Where It Counts! Ways to Cut Costs and Boost Your Self-Storage Bottom Line

Self-Storage Technology 2021 Education DVD Package

  • Technology Trends to Welcome in a Progressively Virtual Self-Storage Landscape
  • Can’t Touch This! A Thorough Exploration of the Contact-Free Self-Storage Rental Process
  • Getting Smart: Real-World Self-Storage Applications for the Internet of Things
  • Spilling the Tea on Self-Storage Technology: Straight Talk From Fellow Facility Operators
  • Help When You Need It Most: When and How to Leverage Self-Storage Tech Support
  • The Must-Have Elements of Site Security: Advanced Technology for Self-Storage
  • Making the Leap: Taking Your Small Self-Storage Operation From Tech-Free to Tech-Savvy

For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the individual DVD product pages. Individual sessions will also be available as on-demand video in late September.