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DVD - Smooth Operator: How to Avoid and Resolve Disputes With Anyone in Your Self-Storage World

Our presenter will share examples and proven strategies on how self-storage facility managers can avoid disagreements and handle disputes with customers, coworkers and superiors.

DVD - Bridging the Digital Service Gap: Ways to Humanize Technology in Self-Storage

Discover how to shape tech-based service interactions with humanistic qualities like emotion, conversation and relationships, and learn to bridge the gap between digital and people-led customer service!

DVD - Self-Storage Meets Retail Suburbia: Finding Success With Mixed-Use Projects

Our presenter will share smart strategies for meeting municipal building challenges with beautiful, profitable mixed-use developments that include self-storage and other uses.

DVD - I Got Investors to Build My Self-Storage Facility … Here’s How You Can, Too!

Our presenter lifts the curtain of mystery and shares the good, bad and ugly about gaining access to funds or enticing equity for a self-storage project, from the initial pitch to ground-breaking.

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