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Picture of DVD - Self-Storage Selling Techniques: A Hands-On Practicum

DVD - Self-Storage Selling Techniques: A Hands-On Practicum

Learn the differences between self-storage phone transactions and walk-in visits, and see actual demonstrations for how to guide customer conversations and successfully close each deal.

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Speaker: Tron Jordheim, CEO, PhoneSmart
Format: DVD (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: 47 minutes

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your DVD order.

Self-Storage Selling Techniques: A Hands-On Practicum
Sales is an essential skill for any self-storage manager, and the approach is different depending on whether you're dealing with a customer on the phone or in person. This interactive session addresses the differences between the two types of transactions and provides inside tips and pointers for successfully closing the deal. You'll get demonstrations for how to guide the conversation with the customer and use the most effective closing techniques.

You will learn:

  • How to you make your voice work to your advantage on the phone
  • How to use body language to your advantage in person
  • Guiding the conversation on the phone
  • Guiding the demo in person
  • The best closes ever invented for self-storage

This product is also available as on-demand video, or as part of one of the following discount DVD packages: