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Picture of Turning Distressed Properties Into Self-Storage Opportunities

Turning Distressed Properties Into Self-Storage Opportunities

This session discusses smart strategies and due-diligence tactics buyers can take regarding bank-owned self-storage properties, short-sale opportunities and foreclosures, as well as the risks involved.

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Speaker: Scott Frank, Principal, Law Offices of Scott A. Frank
Format: MP3 and PDF
Duration: 52 minutes

Turning Distressed Properties Into Self-Storage Opportunities
In today's distressed real estate market, not all self-storage properties and sellers are created equal. Between bank-owned properties, foreclosures and over-leveraged sellers forced into short sales, there are opportunities for the adventurous and aggressive buyer. This seminar covers what kinds of due diligence a buyer can perform before the foreclosure auction, things to keep in mind when negotiating directly with the banks, and how to work with short-sale sellers to get deals closed. Our presenter also discusses techniques for negotiating with players who may not have significant experience with or understanding of self-storage facilities.

You will learn:

  • How to negotiate directly with banks on bank-owned properties
  • What banks often don’t know about the self-storage facilities they own
  • How to find short-sale opportunities, the paperwork needed, and how to tell who is really running the deal
  • How foreclosures work and the risks involved
  • The risks and benefits of note sales

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