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Picture of Does Brand Matter in Self-Storage?

Does Brand Matter in Self-Storage?

Employee management is an essential part of running a successful self-storage operation. This session will help you motivate managers as well as measure and positively influence their performance.
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Speakers: Noah Springer, Director Strategic Partnerships, Extra Space Storage; David Rodecker, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, RelevantAds
Duration: 43 minutes

Does Brand Matter in Self-Storage?
In the world of self-storage, does your brand matter? Does a strong brand impact walk-in traffic? Do you need an online brand in the online world? Find out in this informative session. Our presenters discuss how branding can impact your flow of potential customers online and at the property. You'll learn strategies that can increase your facility's presence in the marketplace and how they can improve your bottom line.

You will learn:

  • The importance of self-storage branding
  • The potential impact of brand on your walk-in traffic
  • The new world of interactive marketing and why brand matters online
  • How to increase your online brand
  • The impact a strong online brand can have on your business

This product is also available in DVD format.