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Picture of Doing Your Due Diligence on Self-Storage Investment Sponsors

Doing Your Due Diligence on Self-Storage Investment Sponsors

Conducting proper due diligence on potential investment sponsors is critical. Learn how to build a team with the right values, resources and experience to ensure your self-storage deal is a success.

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Speaker: Scott Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO, Spartan Investment Group LLC
Format: Streaming Video
Duration: 39 minutes

Doing Your Due Diligence on Self-Storage Investment Sponsors
The numbers look great. The location is perfect. Demand is off the charts. What could possibly go wrong? A whole lot if you’ve chosen a bad investment sponsor! Without the right values, team, resources and experience, even the best self-storage deals can quickly go south. Learn how to do proper due diligence on sponsors so you can be sure you have the best team working for you and your dream project.

You’ll learn:

  • What an investment sponsor is
  • Where and how to find investment sponsors
  • How to determine a sponsor’s history, vision and values and whether they align with yours
  • How to suss out a sponsor’s track record and spot a bad sponsor
  • What communication and support you should expect during the project

This product is also available in DVD format.