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Building Multi-Story: From Feasibility to Certificate of Occupancy

From feasibility and land selection to design and building-code considerations, our presenter will walk you through the process and share interesting case-study examples of past projects.

Here Comes the Sun: What You Need to Know About Solar and Self-Storage

Installing solar panels can be an excellent long-term investment, but it isn’t all sunshine and roses. Our presenter will share insight to challenges and offer tips to ensure a successful installation.

Moving Into Freedom: How Self-Storage Saved My Financial Future (and Can Save Yours, Too)

Our presenter will share the story of how he created his self-storage business and his process for turning around underperforming facilities. He’ll also share strategies for creating wealth and income.

Getting Your Green: A Glimpse Inside the Minds of Today's Self-Storage Loan-Makers

Our presenter will offer insight to the borrower and asset criteria capital sources examine as well as how lending requirements have changed during the pandemic.

Advanced Self-Storage Deal Structures for the Current Lending Climate

Our presenter will break down the capital stack, discussing the many ways to secure money and structure a deal in today’s environment. He’ll examine the nuances and changes in loan terms for 2021 and offer insight to sources beyond traditional loans.

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