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Picture of Cutting-Edge Design for Contemporary Self-Storage Facilities

Cutting-Edge Design for Contemporary Self-Storage Facilities

Modern self-storage design has become a critical aspect in winning municipal favor. Learn about mixed-use integration, how to beautify conversions, improve the customer experience through design and more.

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Speaker: Bruce Jordan, President, Jordan Architects
Format: Streaming Video
Duration: 51 minutes

Cutting-Edge Design for Contemporary Self-Storage Facilities
With jurisdictions becoming ever more demanding, modern design has become critical in the self-storage industry. Not only does it help alleviate the concerns of community planning boards and residents, it leads to an improved customer experience, accelerated lease-up and higher net operating income. Our presenter addresses the key elements of contemporary facility design. You’ll learn:

  • Customer-friendly site design and elevations
  • Mixed-use integration for gun-shy jurisdictions
  • Conversions: how to beautify jurisdictional eye-sores
  • How to improve the customer experience (and your bottom line) though design
  • The affect of facility design on community relations

This product is also available in DVD format, both as a single and as part of the following discount packages: