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Employment Laws and How They Apply to Self-Storage

This session will increase your familiarity with today’s employment laws, including legal restrictions that affect you as a self-storage operator and common human-resources errors to avoid.

Risk-Management Best Practices for Self-Storage

Learn the right way to protect self-storage property and revenue with this overview of insurance policies, industry-specific endorsements, the underwriting process, limits, deductible options and more.

Is Now the Time to Invest in Boat and RV Storage?

Get an overview of boat/RV storage to determine if it’s right for your business, including current trends, considerations for site selection and construction, potential tax incentives, finance tips, and more.

Comparing Emerging Markets in the Global Self-Storage Industry

Learn about the similarities and differences between emerging self-storage markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia, including key operators, specific projects, challenges, growth opportunities and more.

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