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Picture of DVD - Community Marketing for Self-Storage

DVD - Community Marketing for Self-Storage

Use grassroots marketing to promote your storage facility! In this session, you'll learn how to establish and maintain profitable community relationships, creating supporters and influencers for your company.

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Speakers: Shari Sutton, Owner, and Heather Saldaña, Marketing Executive, Sutton Watkins Advertising & Marketing
Format: DVD (USPS Shipping Required)
Duration: 54 minutes

NOTE: Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your DVD order.

Community Marketing for Self-Storage
Grassroots marketing is about establishing relationships with area businesses and residential communities to promote your self-storage facility. Grassroots momentum is getting consumers and influencers to promote your brand and become your most vocal supporters. This gives you a credible, voluntary sales force that carries your message forward with more velocity than a single marketing source. In this session, we'll cover how to establish and maintain these relationships.

You will learn:

  • How to embrace grassroots strategies
  • How to motivate staff and co-workers to engage in community marketing
  • How to establish relationships in the real estate and relocation industry
  • Best practices for community marketing
  • How to perfect your "sales" pitch

This product is also available as on-demand video, or as part of one of the following discount DVD packages: