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Picture of Self-Storage Development: Step by Step

Self-Storage Development: Step by Step

This session provides a concise list of tasks to properly evaluate, plan and build a self-storage facility, including investment objectives, development projections, financing, design and more.

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Speaker: James Bratton, CEO, MST Constructors
Format: MP3 and PDF
Duration: 49 minutes

Self-Storage Development: Step by Step
During this informative session, our presenter provides a concise list of tasks to properly evaluate, plan and build a self-storage facility. He addresses investment objectives, current cap rates, development projections, financing, and a how-to for design and construction, drawing on many real-life case studies of successful projects. He also walks you through the development of a 100,000-square-foot, multi-story facility that now operates at more than 90 percent occupancy. Attendees will learn what they need to take a realistic development approach for achieving the best possible return on investment.

You will learn:

• Why you should start developing your exit strategy first
• How to set realistic expectations for your development's investment return
• Examples of successful real-life projects, from survey to final design
• Current cost trends and a review of the estimating process
• A brief review of finance-package requirements, yield snapshots and alternate types of financing
• Pitfalls to avoid in the development process

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