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Products tagged with 'Day-to-Day Management'

The Anatomy of a Good Self-Storage Phone-Sales Call and Script

This session will help self-storage managers perfect their phone-sales script and presentation. Learn the five parts of a sales call, how to increase your “kill rate,” closing techniques and more.

The Evolution of Location-Based Technology and How It Impacts Self-Storage

Location-based marketing technology can pinpoint target consumers’ exact location, what they like and what they’re discussing online. Learn how to leverage these tools and reshape your online marketing.

The Facts of Self-Storage Life: Things You Need to Know About Being a Facility Manager

In this revealing session, self-storage managers get candid, insider advice on handling situations for which they may not be prepared. Get tips to maintain confidence and a positive professional attitude.

The Full Enchilada: Competitive Compensation and Motivation for Self-Storage Staff

Learn how to assemble an appropriate compensation package, including salaries and wages, bonus plans, benefits and other incentives, to keep valuable staff engaged and happy.

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