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Self-Storage Custom Cap-Rates Report

Prepared on demand, this custom report provides a high-level view of self-storage capitalization-rate expectations for a specific U.S. address. It includes trend data as well as comparable property information.

Self-Storage Custom Expense Report

Prepared on demand, this custom report provides self-storage income and expense data based on a specific U.S. address. It offers a comparison against national data as well as actual facilities.

Self-Storage Maintenance Package 2021: Monthly Task Calendars and Guide

Designed for self-storage operators, this package includes detailed, customizable monthly calendars outlining tasks by day, week and season. It also includes a 91-page digital book full of expert advice.

Storage World Analyzer Software, Version 2

NEW VERSION! This cloud-based software is designed to provide self-storage buyers and investors with cash-on-cash return estimates and 10-year cash-flow projections based on unit mix and assumption variables.

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