Picture of Inside Self-Storage Magazine: October 2012

Inside Self-Storage Magazine: October 2012

The ISS October 2012 issue contains the annual Top-Operators List and addresses facility ownership essentials including budgeting, expenses, auditing, tax issues, estate planning and more.

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60 Pages
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Inside Self-Storage Magazine: October 2012
It takes a savvy business leader to successfully steer a self-storage operation. Facility owners must understand everything from creating a realistic budget to conducting a thorough audit. They also need to be aware of the ever-changing tax laws and have an estate plan. The October issue explores ownership essentials including budgeting, expenses, facility auditing, tax regulations, cost segregation, estate planning and more. It includes the 2012 Top-Operators List, a who’s-who of multi-facility self-storage businesses. Ranked by square footage, the list includes data regarding square footage, locations, operating names, expansion plans and more.

Articles include:

  • 2012 Top-Operators List
  • Guidelines for setting a facility budget
  • Six expense areas operators should regularly review
  • Conducting facility audits
  • Estate planning: setting up a living trust
  • Taxation of repairs and improvements
  • Improving cash flow through cost segregation
  • Maintaining a positive online reputation
  • Being ready to sell your property