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Self-Storage National Rental Activity Report

Statistical insight to self-storage rental and occupancy performance, including historical data provided by thousands of U.S. facilities. Prepared by Cushman & Wakefield and Self Storage Data Services.
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Self-Storage National Rental Activity Report
The Self-Storage National Rental Activity Report, prepared monthly by Cushman & Wakefield and Self Storage Data Services, provides statistical insight to industry rental and occupancy performance. Information includes comparisons to the previous year, quarter and/or month for same-store data provided by thousands of U.S. self-storage facilities. Each report includes:

  • National rental-demand benchmarks (move-ins, move-outs, net absorption)
  • Geographic rental-demand benchmarks by region (move-ins, move-outs, total activity)
  • Physical occupancy change by region
  • Net monthly unit absorption
  • Total rental activity
  • Asking rental-rate changes by unit size and type
  • Asking rental-rate changes by geographic region
  • Gross potential income by geographic region

The National Rental Activity Report will appeal to self-storage owners, investors, analysts, appraisers and brokers who wish to follow industry trends and see national benchmarks against which to measure their own or other facilities. The report also will be useful to small self-storage operators who wish to compare their facility performance to national benchmarks.

Self Storage Data Services (SSDS) is an independent research team at the Self Storage Industry Group of Cushman & Wakefield that provides real-time industry research with regular reports. SSDS is the nation's only source for monthly and quarterly operating-performance benchmarking trends, supply-and-demand trends, and transactional data. The company's statistics come from 7,000 self-storage facilities (of 17,000 facilities in the top 50 MSAs), tracked every 90 days. SSDS tracks more than 1 million storage units monthly.

Cushman & Wakefield is among the world's largest privately held commercial real estate services firms. The firm's Valuation & Advisory Division, which includes the Self Storage Industry Group, is one of the largest real estate valuation and consulting organizations in the world. Cushman & Wakefield reports are useful data and analysis tools for bankers, lenders, real estate investment trusts, Wall Street advisory companies, brokers and other professionals.

Please download Cushman & Wakefield's Methodology Summary and Glossary of Terms.

Note: Due to insufficient reporting data, a September 2013 National Rental Activity Report was not made available.

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